Sainsbury’s development threatens the Bakerloo line extension to South London

Sainsbury’s plans for their New Cross Gate site have now been validated by Lewisham Council (DC/19/114283 ). We have until March 15 to respond. We are looking through the application now (It’s 2000+ pages!) so we need help from the local community.

The main points (so far…)

It threatens the Bakerloo line extension – Sainsbury’s plans makes no allowance for the Bakerloo line extension that TFL wants. Sainsbury’s and developer Mount Anvil in their final application have continued to say that the Goodwood road side of the site is suitable for the planned Bakerloo line station. Not only will this mean the destruction of council-owned homes in that area but TFL have already “discounted” the site Sainsbury’s says that the station can go. If Sainsbury’s get their way, the Bakerloo line extension would at best cost millions of pounds more and at worst stop the extension ENTIRELY.

Source: Mayor of London’s Question Time

The view from Jerningham Road (Copyright Sainsburys from their planning application to Lewisham Council)

Traffic and transport – the application is looking to open up Harts Lane to bus and car traffic with a refuse point right by the corner of Hatcham Park Road. The Hatcham conservation area is currently closed to through traffic from New Cross Road but this is all set to change under Sainsbury’s plans. This will cause huge issues in terms of highway safety, traffic generation, noise and disturbance and cause a negative effect on the character and appearance of the conservation area.

Quiet side roads should not be altered in a way that negatively affects quality of life for existing residents especially within a conservation area where preservation and enhancement should be prioritised. Cars belonging to those in the development should be going down roads within the development itself. If there’s no space for these roads then Sainsbury’s should build less houses. Why should quiet roads be negatively transformed to service a development we didn’t ask for? There will be no new car parking from the development but where will the thousands of new residents park?

A huge number of homes at 1,161 units – keep in mind if the Bakerloo line doesn’t come thanks to the development that’s thousands of extra people trying to get onto the already busy overground trains. We’re still working out the planned number of genuinely affordable homes, aka council-owned homes. The area has good access to public transport but NOT good access to public transport with surplus capacity.

For comparison, Lewisham Council proposed a 200 units “capacity” for the Sainsbury’s site back in 2013 in their site allocations local plan before the proposed plans for the Bakerloo Line extension.

The creation of 12 blocks, with one block 122metres high. (That’s the same height as the Pan Peninsula in the Isle of Dogs)

Daylight loss and overshadowing – this will be huge issue for those in the Hatcham conservation area and Sainsbury’s have already said those in Auburn Close, Robert Lowe Close, Brocklehurst Street, Brighton Grove will face “major to moderate” adverse effects when it comes to loss of daylight and shadowing. Those in Robert Lowe Close will also face a “health impact of changes to noise and vibration levels – bus noise”. Sources here & here

Socioeconomic and health impacts – Sainsbury’s own consultants have said that there will be “a significant adverse effect” on GP surgeries in the area with the influx of new people coming in. Source here

Townscape and visual impact/ design – The design Sainsburys plans for the site do not fit in with the local area in terms of scale and size. That’s because they’ve modelled it on railway depots and NOT the surrounding conservation area including the Telegraph Hill and Hatcham conservation areas and the rest of the homes on New Cross Road .

Sainsbury’s Consultation – Sainsbury’s consultation was awful. They asked limited questions which would always create favourable results for them. Obviously you’re going to get a positive response from a question such as: “What is your view on our proposals for transforming the existing site through mixed-use development, including a new sainsburys supermarket, homes, employment space and new public green space?” Everyone is going to strongly agree to such a question! Please complete our consultation which actually uses their application in our questions: here

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