Sainsbury’s plans could “threaten” the delivery of the Bakerloo line extension

Lib Dem Assembly Member Caroline Pidgeon

Transport for London have now said that the Sainsbury’s site in New Cross Gate is a “core requirement” for the planned Bakerloo line extension to Lewisham “and beyond”. They have also warned that the Goodwood Road site that Sainsbury’s had suggested TFL build on instead is “discounted”.

This was following a question on whether Sainsbury’s/Mount Anvil plans were “compatible” with TfL’s plans to create a Bakerloo line station at New Cross Gate which was asked by Lib Dem Assembly Member Caroline Pidgeon at Mayor’s Question Time in October. You can see it on the Mayor of London’s website here:

Question asked by Caroline Pidgeon:

What is TfL’s view of the proposals by Sainsbury’s and Mount Anvil for developing the site adjacent to New Cross Station? Are those proposals compatible with TfL’s plans to create a new Bakerloo line station in the vicinity?

The answer was:

Transport for London (TfL) understands that Sainsbury’s and Mount Anvil are preparing to submit a Planning Application for their site at New Cross Gate. The site lies on the west side of the existing New Cross Gate rail station. TfL is unable to comment on the detail of any proposal until an application is submitted; however I can confirm that this site has been identified as a core requirement for the planned Bakerloo line extension to Lewisham, and potentially beyond.

The current public consultation on the Bakerloo line extension (BLE) launched on 14 October. It shows this site is required for a new station and for the main tunnelling worksite that is needed to construct the whole scheme. Any proposal that prevented TfL’s use of the site for the BLE could threaten the scheme’s delivery, and Sainsbury’s and Mount Anvil have been made aware of this. At Sainsbury’s and Mount Anvil request, TfL has investigated alternative worksite and station options, however these have been discounted due to significant impacts on cost, risk, works duration and ultimately, deliverability of the BLE scheme.

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