What can you do?

Write your concerns to the Lewisham planning department (planning@lewisham.gov.uk) in response to the planning application DC/19/114283 CC’ing local councillors, our MP, and the Mayor of Lewisham. Deadline is March 15th.

This is Sainsbury’s proposals for New Cross Gate….

Please ensure you include your full name in the response and include how the Sainsbury’s development will affect you personally. It’s best not to copy and paste responses. Personalised responses matter.

These are some of the views from the NewXGateActionGroup which you can use in your response to the council (if you agree with them):

  •  The height and mass of the buildings which includes a 122 metre tower is excessive for the area
  • The type of housing does not meet the needs for family accommodation which is lacking in the north of the borough
  • The design is wholly inappropriate for its proximity to the Conservation Area and will fundamentally change the nature of the area
  • The current train and bus services will not be able to cope with 2,000+ more residents
  • It could frustrate the development of the Bakerloo line extension as it will block TfL’s preferred, and most cost effective, option
  • There is no provision for new parks and insufficient green space, reducing overall green space per capita
  • No car parking is provided: so there will be an overflow onto our streets with the potential creation of a Controlled Parking Zone, something which residents have long objected to
  • There will be inadequate provision for facilities such GP surgeries and, possibly schools which have yet to be discussed with the Local Education Authority or National Health Service 

The benefits proposed as compensation are wholly illusory and inadequate and there will be a net-disadvantage to the existing communities; if the proposals frustrate the Bakerloo Line Extension there will be a huge net disadvantage, not only to the area and to the existing communities, but also to the whole of the Borough and to the Borough’s future.

If you live in Hatcham Park you may wish to add:

  •    As Sainsbury’s acknowledge the height of the buildings will cause significant overshadowing to the Conservation Area
  •    The proposals to open up Hart’s Lane and use it as a bus route and access route will be detrimental to residents
  •   The proposals do not include the construction of the long-wanted Route 1 bridge over the railway line

If you live in Telegraph Hill you may wish to add:

  • There will be increased traffic and rat-running across Telegraph Hill; a right turn into Jerningham Road will be danger for the school and is not desired by residents

Please raise your concerns to the following people: 

Our local councillors 

For New Cross

Cllr Brenda Dacres, 020 8314 9872 cllr_brenda.dacres@lewisham.gov.uk

Cllr Joe Dromey, 07736 667917 cllr_joe.dromey@lewisham.gov.uk

 Cllr Paul Maslin  020 8852 1530 cllr_paul.maslin@lewisham.gov.uk

For Telegraph Hill 

Cllr Paul Bell, 0208 314 6929 cllr_Paul.Bell@lewisham.gov.uk

Cllr Luke Sorba, 020 8314 9984 cllr_luke.sorba@lewisham.gov.uk

Cllr Joan Milbank, 0208 314 6929 cllr_joan.millbank@lewisham.gov.uk 

Our Lewisham Mayor and MP

Vicky Foxcroft MP, vicky_foxcroft@labour.org.uk

Mayor Damien Egan, damien.egan@lewisham.gov.uk

Chair of the Transport Committee at the GLA

Caroline Pidgeon, caroline.pidgeon@london.gov.uk